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The world has no shortage of companies that offer translation and localization services. Many will tout their skills and even claim that they’re the best. However, as with any other business or service, relatively few are justified in their claims. So, it’s important to keep your needs in mind as you consider the choice of a language service provider. When it comes to translation, localization, desktop publishing, and multimedia production, you’ll want a partner with the right view. You’ll want the one that sees these things as the means to accomplish a goal.

Ask yourself a question: What is translation? Is it the conversion of a word in one language to a word in another? For a lesser provider, it just might be. However, our years of experience have refined our view of the process. Our project assignments for the world’s most successful companies have revealed the essence of translation. In other words, the best translation–the right translation–is the one that conveys your idea in its entirety. It’s the specific expression of your message, rendered in a way that your target audience will understand and appreciate. The right translation is the one in which every aspect of context, grammar, punctuation, and cultural logic has been refined. Translation Birds makes this a practice with every assignment. We think globally . . . act locally.


Desktop publishing is a specialty in itself. It’s a combination of craft, art and technology. DTP should never be accepted as a “me too” or “value-added” service in which anyone generally familiar with computer use would suffice. In this very critical aspect of the communication process, all changes must be recorded and double-checked. Every cost factor must be included in the itemization of your project, and each expenditure must be justified with respect to the end product. Moreover, the DTP process must be accomplished by those who understand the workings of color, layout, typography, digital prepress, and Web publishing. You, as the customer and client, should have a clear indication of the final product from the early stage of development on to the finish, and that product should fully consider the needs and characteristics of the target market.

Translation Birds has many years of experience in multilingual DTP. We employ a comprehensive array of graphics and layout programs–on Mac and PC platforms–to create publications and media which respect the origin and intent of our clients’ content. Leading companies throughout the world have benefited from our expertly produced user guides, technical and collateral materials. So, think of desktop publishing as the mirror of your corporate image. If your current materials don’t accurately reflect that image, it’s time for a change. Translation Birds has the technical acumen needed to ensure outstanding results.


A language is the music of the culture that speaks it. A language is the rhythm of daily life. It’s the power of commerce; the lifeblood of academia and science. Even in a major world language such as English, there are variants whose distinctions are based on geography, proximity and history. Consider the example of an American who finds himself in a British pub. There is plenty of music and conversation, but he probably won’t know the songs being played nor will he understand much of the slang. This is the dynamic that, when extended to software and other technologies, is answered through localization.

The Arabic language is actually a large, diverse group of dialects that have been cultivated over the centuries in widely divergent environments. Its use extends across Northern and Sub-Saharan Africa into Egypt and Saudi Arabia and the nations of the Middle East. Arabic can also be heard in cities and communities throughout the world, from Europe to the Americas and the Pacific Rim. However, while English and the European languages are read from left to right, Arabic is read from right to left. This presents significant challenges in terms of typography, design, layout, and prepress. Translation Birds is your source for expert Arabization. Not only do we ensure excellence in the printed and digital domains, but more importantly, we know and respect the language and culture of this, our home region. So, when you come to us for knowledge of the Arabic marketplace, we’ll honor your trust. We think globally . . . act locally.