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The vast sector of metallurgy, like the energy sector, has an influence on every other industrial endeavor. Its presence–which is ever-essential–extends to the manufacture of production machinery, medical instruments and devices, automobiles and trucks, musical instruments and architectural embellishments, home appliances, and the vast array of development we call infrastructure. Therefore, the production of steel, aluminum, copper and other metals is critical, and development is relentless. In fact, the formulations of steel number more than 15,000.

Translation Birds regularly serves the needs of prime movers in the field of metallurgy. As with every sector and client we serve, the specific requirements of documentation are met by our account management, project management and tested professional translators. As a producer and distributor of metals, your language will be our language. Your target market will be our home market. Translation Birds thinks globally . . . acts locally.

The realm of science is subject to constant evolution, but in that evolution the standards of development, testing, verification, and publication are exceedingly high. From research and experimentation to the documentation of empirical data and eventual publication, everything must be expressed with absolute precision. Thus the pressure is considerable, and the drive to attain knowledge is never-ending. While other human endeavors may ask questions that might never be answered, science seeks to seize and resolve even the most remote questions in the universe of human thought. Nevertheless, the highest expression of such an effort is the theory. A question thus answered, once it is designated as a theory, is essentially the “least false” among various proposed ideas. Consequently, the effort continues. Humankind will never cease the pursuit of better answers to the mysteries of the world.

Any product or raw material that is sold must first be brought to market. That implies a sequence of events–production, inventory, sales planning and marketing–before the product or material can be shipped. From the corporate perspective, the process is complicated. It’s the province of those who are trained to manage and monitor those events, and the objective is twofold: to maximize cost-effectiveness and productivity, and to ensure accountability for all parties in the transaction. Add international shipment and the process is made more complicated by customs inspections, declarations, etc. Translation Birds handles all aspects of communications–from translation and localization through DTP, multimedia and message development–as a premier LSP for leading clients in the shipping industry. Whether you’re a growing regional company seeking the means to expand your market, or a leading consolidator for intercontinental marine transport, we can ensure smooth, accurate communication.

The world of games has experienced dramatic change over the course of the past few decades, evolving from simple “ping-pong” arcade distractions to designs and themes for personal computers, dedicated consoles, portable players, and mobile devices. Thus, one might incorrectly assume that a game that functions well enough on an older PC would work even better on a new model. It would also be tempting to think that a relatively recent edition of a game popular on one platform would pose no challenge if it were transferred to another. Such is the nature of technology and the way people use it. Technology, if it works properly, is accepted without question, and what is good for the goose is also good for the gander. If a game is a hit in an English-speaking western country, shouldn’t it be a hit in an eastern country too?

Localization is increasingly familiar to those who work in the realm of technology. Nevertheless, the process of game localization is made more critical by the compound requirements of its markets: the game must be localized to work smoothly and transparently on the prevalent operating systems of a new market; all dialog, whether audible or visual, must be translated in such a way that its accuracy and appeal are retained; and the overall presentation must succeed on the basis of culture. All this must be ensured with respect to laptop computers, tablets, game consoles, and mobile devices. If there’s a team play mode, that must be accommodated, and consequently one has the additional consideration of streaming.

Translation Birds is an ace in the realm of games. Our product localization teams and network of tested professional translators–including specialists in games and related products–are ready to help you build market share. Through the dedicated efforts of our in-house staff of account managers, project managers, and coordinators–augmented by experts in digital technology and multimedia–your game product can become a household name in a new market. Translation Birds is ready for you. We think globally . . . act locally.

The practice of law is engagement in research, discovery of fact, the minute discernment of time and occurrence, the application of ethics, and the skills of courtroom diplomacy. In defense and in prosecution, as in criminal law, civil law, patent law, entertainment law, or wills and estates, everything is tested, argued and verified on the basis of precedent. The field of law is a realm of intellectuals, seekers, and gifted orators. It’s a world of diligent daily practitioners of an age-old craft, just as it is a haven of brilliant theorists. Law constitutes the reconciliation of divergent motives, needs and beliefs. It protects the lawful and identifies the perpetrator. It secures intellectual rights and compensates for infractions against those rights. All this goes forth on the basis of words, and those words must be documented for posterity.

Successful law firms often call upon the skills of language service providers (LSPs) for the translation of documents from current and past cases. In any international case, where there is precedent, the concerned parties will need to explore that precedent in great detail. Patents, civil and criminal cases, political objectives, and public issues all fall under intense study so that the greater society can be preserved. Again, this is achieved through documentation and the exchange of ideas; and an expert translation team is integral to the process.

Translation Bird scan be an invaluable assistant, assuring you of accurately and promptly translated case histories, risk assessments, testimonies and court documents. Trust us to know the process not only for our home territory but for yours as well. We command a global network of tested professional linguists with the experience to fulfill your needs and timetables. If you have questions, we’ll answer them. When you need certified court translators, we’ll have them. Translation Birdsis on your side. We think globally . . . act locally.

Think of anything that can be manufactured, sold, traded, or repaired. Think of any service that can be promoted. Think of any technology that can be developed or any idea that can be shared. Think of a photograph, song, video, or news report. Consider all these things, and you’ll have an idea of the impact that the Internet and e-commerce have had on modern life. It was just several years ago that the Internet was a playground of mathematicians and computer experts, but quickly the public seized upon it as the answer to a fundamental need: it was the need to reach beyond what could be seen with the naked eye, into the awareness of potential consumers wherever they might be.

The growth of the Internet and associated technologies has been guided and governed by groups and committees of experts so that it could truly become a vehicle of growth for society worldwide. This guidance made way for the emergence of e-commerce and online auctions, quickly followed by the development of software and hosting for the common person. No longer was it necessary to pay thousands in cash for a website whose performance might not be consistent from one platform to the next. Instead, one could choose a hosting service and then select from a variety of design templates. Anyone with a computer and Internet access could have a site with which to buy or sell goods and services. One could even trade in currency markets.

The corporate sector has the most critical need for efficiency in Web operations. Every element on every page of the site has to work in a problem-free manner, and there are monitoring stations in place to track that performance. Servers with increasingly higher speeds and capacities have been introduced as part of the effort to build and maintain the flow of traffic. The question, then, is whether your site will be displayed in all the languages representing your current and potential markets. A visitor in an Arabic-speaking country might be able to read the text in English, French, or German, but the cultural connection will be lost. Moreover, functional challenges will emerge if the Arabic text isn’t presented in its proper configuration.

Translation Birds speaks the languages of the Internet. We’re fluent in the dialects of e-commerce and corporate customer service. As our client, you will benefit from our vast experience in the technologies of translation and project coordination, account management, layout, localization, Arabization, and multimedia. Your site will speak on your behalf. It will forge a direct connection with the audience in your destination market. How is this possible? Translation Birds thinks globally . . . acts locally.

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A product isn’t a product until it has a market of willing and able buyers. In order for such a market to be realized, the product must also be backed by a distribution and sales plan. Project managers, district sales managers, advertising teams, designers, copywriters, photographers, and media producers get involved, but all those people must function as a whole in order to achieve a viable presence in the marketplace.

The product launch constitutes the various phases and elements of that effort. With respect to a new product or a model update, it creates an image that the public will see amid the clutter. Given sufficient preparation of that image, the public will accept and assimilate it. So, again we have the question of cultural appropriateness: is your marketing message expressed accurately and attractively in the language of the target market, or is it stubbornly resistant to the challenge of translation?

Translation Birds thrives amid the challenges of multicultural marketing. After all, our home market is diverse, with a rich variety of subcultures and dialects represented. So, when you want to build a base in the Middle East, Africa and Asia Minor or beyond, speak to us. Your dedicated account manager will work with you to develop an effective program for your message and its associated content, while the project manager and coordinator will guide a team of tested professional translators to ensure the correct terminology. Our DTP experts, localization engineers, and multimedia staff will do their part too, and soon you’ll establish a friendly, trusted presence in your new market.

Translation Birds has this as its mission. It is our goal to create and fortify the bonds of commerce, academia and science for the benefit of people throughout the world. At home here in the Middle East, and in countries on every continent, you’ll find companies whose own goals have been met with our help. We’ll be proud to help you, too.